Math competitions

Math competitions provide a platform for many students to perform, and preparing for them helps children develop their potential.

Cut Ribbon Math Problem

Annie has a ribbon 12 meters long. How many cuts does Annie need to make to get ribbons of equal size 60 cm long?

Matchstick Patterns

Let's solve the following problem: Matchstick figures are arranged in the following shape. How many matchsticks are needed to arrange figure №22?

Three-Bucket Problem

Let's solve the following problem: You have one 12 liter bucket full of water and two empty ones - 7 and 5 liters respectively. Divide the water into two equal parts using the available buckets.

Data and Table Math Problems

Let's solve the following problem: Alex, Bobby and Victor are wearing green, red and white t-shirts. Alex doesn't wear red clothes. Victor doesn't like either red or green. What color is Bobby's shirt?

Why Should Kids Learn HTML?

Learning HTML can provide many benefits for your child. The language provides an easy way to create visually appealing and functional websites. For those interested in developing their own personal website or blog, learning HTML can be a great place to start.

Money Word Problems

Let's solve the following problem: Two movie tickets and a box of popcorn cost $10. Lucy bought four boxes of popcorn and paid $8. How many dollars will he pay for a movie ticket?

Number Snake

Number snakes are tasks that, in addition to basic mathematical operations, develop the child's observation and logical thinking.

How to Solve Problems with Euler's Circles?

Let's solve the following problem: Alex and Bobby celebrate their birthdays together. There are 25 guests in total. Of them, 15 are Alex's friends and 17 are Bobby's friends. How many of the guests are mutual friends of Alex and Bobby?

Track your Child's Progress

Online platforms can be a convenient way to help our children learn, but how do we know how far they have progressed? At Adivedu, we want to give you, the parent, a source of meaningful information that will allow you to track your child's learning. When you subscribe to a course at Adivedu, we give you statistics about your child's learning progress, which will keep you informed at all times.

Courses and Lessons for the Youngest

Our latest courses are targeted to different age groups - children applying for pre-school and first graders who love math and want to improve their results in math competitions.