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Terms and conditions


Adivedu.com is an educational platform which allows you to create and offer online lessons and courses for all academic levels and supports new educational methods such as learning via games and 3D simulations. Adivedu.com allows teachers to use an effective and innovative way of teaching. The platform allows teachers to reach a broader audience irrespective of the location of the students.

By registering in adivedu.com and clicking on the registration button you accept the general terms and conditions. Any use of adivedu.com and its content would be considered as acceptance of the general terms and conditions.

By accepting the general terms and conditions the user of Adivedu.com agrees that they will not seek legal actions and that Adivedu.com is not legally liable for any content or the lack thereof in courses or lessons that have been created by third parties including by teachers or schools. Adivedu.com is accountable only for the content of the courses and/or lessons that are created by Adivedu.com.

Scope of Usage
I. Online registration

You need to register in Adivedu.com in order to use the services the platform offers. You need to provide a personal email and a password as part of the registration process with which you will sign in the platform in future use. By providing the aforementioned email you declare that it is valid. You identify yourself in the platform with an email address and the password is unique for the specific user. In case you forget your password, a reset password option is available. The information gathered during the registration will be strictly used only within the provision of our services or to contact the user.

II. Access without registration
Each user is allowed to access specific courses without registration. The access without registration can be revoked, limited or changed at any moment by Adivedu.com and this change will be applied immediately without any prior notification, acceptance or request from the user.

III. Fees and payment methods
a/ Each user can sign a contract for additional services - online subscription for the courses and lessons included in Adivedu.com and pay a specific subscription fee for a prepaid period.
b/ On each page of Adivedu.com you will find information for the specific course/lesson, the subscription fee and what services are included in that package.
c/ By choosing the type of subscription and payment method, the contract is considered signed for the chosen prepaid period.
d/ The subscription period starts at the moment when a full or partial payment is received based on the chosen payment method.
e/ For the payable courses and lessons a payment is required based on the description of the specific course or lesson.

It is possible that in Adivedu.com there are links to external websites, resources or advertisements of third parties. By clicking on any of those the user is aware that they exit the platform Adivedu.com.  Adivedu.com is not liable for the access to those external websites, their content, exhaustiveness, usefulness of the information, commercials or other materials accessible through those. Adivedu.com is not responsible for their terms and conditions or the way they collect and protect personal information.
Hyperlinks from third parties on the website are acceptable if they have the appropriate context. If you need additional information for the option to add hyperlinks in your web page to this website, please contact us.

Prohibition of illegal purposes
Every user of Adivedu.com declares that they will not use the website for the following purposes:

  • Illegal purposes;
  • Purposes prohibited by the current terms and conditions;
  • In any way that can disrupt or break the normal functioning of Adivedu.com.
  • In any way that could disrupt or  impair the normal use of another user of Adivedu.com.
  • The users are not allowed to hack, crack, scrape or crawl Adivedu.com directly or indirectly via tools like spider robots, crawlers, scrapers, framing, iframe or RSS feeds, etc.
  • It is not allowed to try to access information that is not publicly accessible.

Intellectual property
The services and the contents of Adivedu.com are intellectual property of © 2022 Adivedu all rights are reserved. Without the explicit approval of Adivedu.com the users agree not to change, copy, frame, scrape, lease, license, sell or distribute the content or parts of the content on the website including for archiving purposes.

Future updates and support
Adivedu.com has the right to change, update and improve the site and the platform without prior approval from the users.
Adivedu.com has the right to make changes in the current terms and conditions for which the registered users will be notified. The new terms and conditions come into force immediately and if the user doesn’t agree with the new terms and conditions, they have the right to stop using the platform. If the user continues to use the platform after certain changes come into force, it is assumed