We believe that every child can learn everything

and all it needs is perseverance and the tools to achieve it

Our Goal

E-learning for children is one of the most important educational projects in the last twenty years. The reason for this is the future. We live in an increasingly complex and ever-changing world. We need to provide the next generation with the best possible learning tools. That's why Adivedu.com is dedicated to the future by making learning content interesting and accessible to all children and schools.

Our Mission

The shocking truth is that millions of children around the world still do not go to school. There are also children who go to school, but do not receive appropriate education.

Our mission is to enable all children to have access to quality e-learning.

We give every student the confidence to succeed, no matter his motivation or what he strives to achieve.

Ani Gigova

Mathematics Professional


Ani Gigova has a bachelor degree in "Informal Education" and a masters degree "Elementary School Pegagogy" from the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". She has a rich experience in creating mathematical problems and is a co-author of several mathematics textbooks. She actively teaches math and language classes in elementary and middle schools.


Онлайн обучение
Assist. Prof. Alexandra Nikolova, Ph.D

e-Learning Professional


Alexandra Nikolova has a Ph.D in Informatics and is a specialist in the field of gamification and e-Learning. She is an author of many articles published in prestigious international journals. She has an experience in creating mathematical games and problems for children in pre-school and elementary school.

e-Learnind and 3D
Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Georgiev, Ph.D

Research and Development


Vladimir Georgiev has a Ph.D in Informatics, works as a university associate professor and is a specialist in the fields of e-Learning, 3D rendering and serious games. He has been involved in the organization of many competitive programming and computational mathematics contests, and is an author of multiple prestigious publications.

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To keep the high quality of our courses, we have certain criteria for the teachers we work with.
We are looking for:

  Proven experience in the field
  High academic achievements
  Commitment to educational advance