Track Your Child's Progress

Understanding your child's progress is one of the most important things you can do as a parent to support their academic achievement! You'll have the tools you need to track its progress and discover its strengths and weaknesses. Use this information to monitor learning, correct gaps, and celebrate success together!

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Статистики за напредъка на детето в училище
Scales Problems
Logic problems for children

Courses for Kids

All courses and lessons developed by Adivedu are age-appropriate for children and will help them both consolidate their knowledge and learn new ones.

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 Learning from Anywhere in the World

Adivedu offers students an effective and innovative way of learning without being limited by geographical boundaries.

All study materials and resources are available online, which creates a paperless learning experience - more accessible and at the same time more friendly to the environment.

Outdoor education
Learning through play

 Learning Through Games

Games and game elements are used in teaching to engage students with the learning material. It is a method for increasing children's motivation and engagement.

 3D Simulations

Through 3D virtual lessons, students are encouraged to find solutions of problems by looking at them from different angles. Using this learning approach, students start thinking out of the box and become eager to discover new knowledge and skills.

3D simulations